Accessorize in 5: Above Keyboard Accessories

What do earrings, necklaces, scarves and glasses have in common? That's right they can be seen when you are on camera. They are a way to brighten your day and show us your personality. Here at Janet and Jo we believe in looking great with minimal effort. Here is how we get ready in 5 minutes or less, using above keyboard accessories.

1. Get Organized

Yes, the first step is simple. Organize your jewelry. This makes it easy to see what you have and choose items based on our next two steps.

2. Know your "Go-To" metal 

Yes, we can debate whether gold or silver is more fashionable, but what should really make you decide are two things. 1. Skin Tone and 2. Your preference. Depending on your undertones gold, silver and rose gold, will always look good. The best thing about metal? They are pretty neutral and can coordinate with a variety of outfits.


3. Use a Color Wheel

Ok we don't really mean have a color wheel handy when you are getting ready... but the principle works!  If you want to make a statement with color and aren't necessarily using your go-to metal (see step 2), colors on the opposite side will provide a natural "pop". Wearing blue? Yellow will create a fun and exciting compliment. 
Think this will be garish? Keep in mind we do not necessarily mean the primary color versions, you can use colors with complimentary undertones. For example maybe a rust, or burnt orange can create an eye catching result when paired with blue. If this is what you are want to achieve, look to nature for inspiration.
Yep that's it. These are the three simple steps we at Janet and Jo take to get ready for camera in 5 minutes or less. We plan to use this guide when we transition to more in person events. Have you used other tips to get dressed fast? Tell us on instagram @janetandjofashion.

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