Blue Light Glasses: Fashion or Function?


You've seen the commercials, heard the ads and watched the influencers. Blue Light and its effects are everywhere. But what is Blue Light? And can you really protect yourself from it?


1. What is Blue Light?

Blue Light is energy. Yes, it is that simple. Sure, we could go in depth about wavelength, visible light/radiation etc. (science lover over here), but energy is the simplest way to describe it.


2. Is It Harmful?

Well, think of it this way, here on earth we all depend on a huge source of energy: The Sun. The Sun gives our planet and everything on it energy, in one way or another. But what happens if we spend all day at the beach? Or leave a plant outside in the heat without water? Sunburn, wrinkles or other effects.


Women by window taking in the Sun

We can think of Blue Light in the same way. Prolonged exposure can cause problems. Because of Social Distancing, we use our devices now more than ever. So we may exposed to Blue Light almost all day.  Studies summarized by Harvard, have shown it can effect your sleep by messing with Melatonin, our sleep hormone. 

3. What Does This Mean For You?

If you, like me,  have had trouble sleeping, complained about tired eyes or have headaches, Blue Light may be the problem. After I started wearing Blue Light Glasses, the problem felt so much better. That is why we are offering you the same blue light glasses we found and we wear! They are impeccably made and available in fashionable silhouettes. These Blue Light glasses are specially manufactured with patented Focus ™ technology, they block up to 40% of Blue Light, and Oprah wears them too! Click THIS to see the Blue Light glasses we offer. As a bonus each comes with its own canvas case. And don't forget  we offer FREE Shipping, and hassle free returns.

Woemns taring off into room, with velevt couceh and has green blue light glasses one


So are Blue Light Glasses Fashion or Function? Here at Janet and Jo Fashion we say they are both.



Brunette with red bandanna as a scarf looking at camera with smile and blue light glasses

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