Easy Gift Guide



Finding it hard to find the perfect gift? Here are some tips that will help your shopping go easier and faster.


1. Choose Size Free Objects-Earrings

Sometimes getting someone's size can be ahem touchy, or could even tip them off about the surprise! There is a reason why earrings are such a popular choice. You don't have to choose a size in order for someone to wear them. And jewelry tends to make a lasting impression. We have a selection of modern and classic earrings, many of which are handmade and designed in the USA.

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2. Do Good While Looking Good

Yes, we are living in difficult times. We here at Janet and Jo our trying our hardest to offer more and more items that are made by skilled artisans and/or designed in USA or abroad. Our Alpaca scarves are handcrafted by artisans in South America. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, waterproof and hypoallergenic, but purchasing one helps the artisans and their families.

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